It can be difficult to find the right real estate brokerage fit! Some are so big that you always feel like a small fish in a big pond while others are so small and haven’t invested in technology or a brand identity, leaving you to fend for yourself.

Before beginning Mattice Real Estate Group, I had both of those experiences. I started at a smaller firm that was too small and didn’t have the brand recognition and resources I craved. I was then recruited to a larger firm with the brand recognition, but couldn’t get the help and support I needed. That was when I decided I would build my firm with an emphasis on quality and professionalism with a special boutique feel.

I have invested in a visual and technological identity for Mattice Real Estate Group and have also developed tools and systems that my brokers can put to good use right away. However, if you want to do your own thing, there is flexibility. My goal is to be here and support you in the way that you are comfortable doing business. My role is to provide you with the training and guidance you need to succeed.

The brokerage values quality, attention-to-detail, and professionalism with a service-oriented philosophy. I want people on my team that dedicate themselves to the business.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk!

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