Listing Your Home

Listing a home and making sure the marketing is in touch with the market is not an easy task. Each home should have a unique marketing and scheduling strategy with the goal to get as many potential buyers looking at the property as possible. There are private showings and open houses to schedule and organize, purchase offers to negotiate, contract contingencies to navigate, and complex paperwork to address. You only have one opportunity to roll out the red carpet for your home once it hits the market. Here is a sneak peek of our effective preparation and presentation plan:

  • Preparation: We first would like you to give us the grand tour. Walking the grounds and interior space and understanding the upgrades you have made provides us with the knowledge and insight needed to make suggestions on what changes or improvements will provide the best return. Based on your budget and time constraints, we will make a realistic plan for getting your home market-ready.
  • Price: Once we understand your home’s features, floorplan, and amenities, we will do extensive market research to determine where your home falls in line with the market. The goal is to find the pricing sweet spot that gets buyers interested but that also lets them understand the value.
  • Photography: We only use professional photographers to showcase your home’s best features. It is important for your home to show the best it can.
  • Presentation: Here comes the marketing! We will market your home using a number of media including:
    • Online – Social media, online MLS listings which are syndicated to dozens of websites viewed across town or across the globe, and IDX feeds which include your property listing on just about all the big real estate company websites mean that your home will be seen by buyers who are searching for properties like yours.
    • Print – Print marketing is still a very important component for getting a home sold. We will create an eye-catching flyer to go in the flyer boxes and will notify the neighbors that your home is on the market. We even send an open house notification!
    • Open Houses – Open houses give potential buyers as well as the public permission to come and take a peek. Even buyers who may not have thought your home was a contender online may come see it in person and be surprised that it is indeed the perfect fit! We also provide neighborhood market information to the potential buyers to educate them on your neighborhood’s past performance so they can see how their investment might grow.
    • Networking – We will market your home both to our contacts as well as other brokers. By sharing information with other brokers who may have buyers looking for properties like yours, we are able to get the word out about your home to qualified buyers.

This is just a brief outline of what sellers can expect, but if you would like to learn more and are ready for our team to help you take the next step, reach out!  (206) 999-0023 or email