Your Home Selling Team

Mattice Real Estate Group – Our job is to help you prepare your home for sale, coordinate the photography, help you set the price, market your home in print and online, get the most buyers as possible interested. We will negotiate any offers with the selling agent and will keep your transaction on track from contract to closing.

Selling Agent – The selling agent represents the buyer. He or she will craft the offer and present it to us. We will negotiate on behalf of each of our clients as needed and he or she will make sure the buyer stays on track with all the steps to closing. Their communication will be with us and we will keep you up-to-date.

Lender – The lender will work with the buyer to make sure they have the documentation they need to execute that loan on the buyers’ behalf.

Inspector – Once the offer is accepted by both parties, the inspector will inspect the property for defects. Every home has defects, and the buyer may ask that you fix some of these issues before the home closes. We will provide you with any information you need to decide what you would like to do about these fixes and negotiate with the buyer party on your behalf.

Title – Title will run a history on your home to make sure there are no issues with ownership so the home can change hands.

Appraiser – The appraiser will review the property to make sure the buyer is paying market price for it. This protects both the buyer and the bank!

Escrow – Escrow coordinates all the paperwork, creates the final set of documents to sign by both parties, coordinates the transfer of money between buyer and seller, and makes sure the property closes in a timely manner.